ROHR’s LD Tube is made in lengths to suit the professional irrigation market. We produce 13mm to 32mm in longer length coils. It is made from a blend of LDPE, LLDPE and masterbatch (black colouring). The LLDPE (linear low density PE) is what gives the pipe its toughness.

We use a trusted raw material source that we have used for over a decade and it is sustainably sourced and uses 100% recycled materials with the correct virgin additives to give it a long life. The masterbatch (Black Colouring) is added at the same rate as normal blue striped PE100 poly materials so as to give the correct life under the Australian sun.

ROHR processes this tube on all new extrusion equipment processing it in the least stressful manner to ensure the longest life possible of the finished product.

ROHR also produces SYPHON tubes for cotton farming upon request, the material used is more flexible however and predominately LDPE only.

Product Code Product Description
041205 13 LD TUBE 300kPa BK 100m
041304 13 LD TUBE 300kPa BK 300m
041809 19 LD TUBE 300kPa BK 100m
041908 19 LD TUBE 300kPa BK 200m
042059 25 LD TUBE 300kPa BK 100m
042004 25 LD TUBE 300kPa BK 200m
042318 32 LD TUBE 300kPa BK 200m
092900 1″ ESI SHIFT LD TUBE 400 kPa PIPE 550m