ROHR has multilayers capability (internal and external) in PE100 Pipe for size starting from 16mm and right through to 800mm.

We use the worlds most trusted names in raw materials.

We can also product PE112 and enhanced chlorine resistant pipes subject to order quantities.

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Application Stripe of coex Colour Notes AS4130 Colour Deffinition
Portable & Drinking water Blue Typically used for potable water supply Not to be used for recycled or reclaimed water No darker than RAL5012
General Purpose, Stormwater & Fabricated Fittings Black Typically used in general purpose, stormwater and for fabrication of fittings for other applications 2.25% +/- 0.25% carbon black as in AS4131
Gas -Town, Fuel and Coal Seam Gas Yellow Used extensively as either a striping or coex colour for identication of gas, fuel gas and coal seam gas No darker than RAL 1018
Recycled/Reclaimed Water Purple No lighter than RAL 310 70 15 Branded as ‘RECYCLED OR RECLAIMED WATER—DO NOT DRINK' WSAA specify -Striped for mains, striped or full coex for service lines No lighter than RAL 310 70 15 No darker than RAL 330 40 40
Fire Service Red Dedicated fire-extinguishing supply mains Not Defined
Gravity Sewer Light Grey Typically used in gravity sewer applications -ROHR Sewervis has light grey stripes and light grey inner coex for camera inspection Not Defined
Sewer Rising Main Cream Dedicated for pressurised sewer applications and specified by WSAA Branding must contain word 'SEWAGE' No lighter than RAL 310 70 15 No darker than RAL 330 40 40
Communications and Above Ground Mining White Used to identify communcation conduits and in mining to reduce heat load on above ground transfer lines Not Defined
Electrical Orange Used to identify electrical conduits and services Not Defined
Rainwater/Raw Water Green Used as a coex and with 'RAINWATER' branding for rainwater harvesting Not Defined
Compressed Air (coex) B41 Bluebell Same colour as the potable water, used as a full outer coex Branding will have deration applied as per PIPA POP002 Not Defined
Compressed air (solid blue) Dark Blue blue pipes. The only ISO9080 approved blue compounds are this colour No lighter than RAL5005